Measuring Tips

Measuring Guide

Always use a metal tape measure for accuracy.

All dimensions should be taken to the nearest ¼ inch.

Instructions for measuring windows:

Measure every window. Windows that look identical often are not.

Measurements should include the frame. We recommend a rod projection of 5 to 8 inches past the frame on each side.  For example, if the total width of the window is 55 inches, order a rod of at least 65 inches.

 The length of the rod will be for the rod itself, not including finials, which add ½” – 2” to each end depending on the style of finial being used

Instructions for measuring bay windows:

Measure the panel lengths for A, B, and C.

Use a protractor to measure the angles (they should be the same). If you are unable to measure the angles yourself, provide us with the measurement of the opening width and we can determine the values using geometry!

 Based on your measurements, we cut and miter the rods so that the rod ends and finials align with the outer ends of panels A and C. If you wish them to project out past the ends or to be short of the ends, please indicate by how much.

 Bay Curtain Rod Guide.pdf