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Handrail – Smoke

Take your stairway to heaven.
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Assembled and finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY. Made from high-quality cast lucite and brass. Mounting hardware included. Available in 1.5 inch DIA Rods. Handrail brackets are centered 6 inches from the end of the rod. If you or your contractor have specific bracketing location and spacing needs, please message a drawing and information and we'll be happy to work with your request. Handrails over 48 inches ship as multiple rods. Number of Brackets included for 1.5 inch DIA Rods: 37 - 48 inches - (2) Loop handrail brackets 49 - 96 inches - (3) Loop handrail loop brackets 97 - 144 inches - (4) Loop handrail loop brackets 145 -192 inches - (5) Loop Handrail brackets
Lucite: 1.5 inch Diameter Loop Handrail Bracket: Projection: 2.5 inches Base Diameter: 2.5 inches Width across rod: 1.8 inches
Care Instructions
Care Instructions: When it comes to lucite care, we say keep it simple. Just use soap and water to clean lucite, and brass polisher for any unlacquered brass fittings.
Lead Time
6 - 8 Weeks