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Take your stairway to heaven.
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Functional and sleek lucite handrail with solid metal brackets. Assembled and finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY. Made from high-quality cast lucite and brass. Mounting hardware included. Available in 1.5 inch DIA Rods. Handrail brackets are centered 6" from the end of the rod. If you or your contractor have specific bracketing location and spacing needs, please message a drawing and information and we'll be happy to work with your request. Handrails over 96 inches ship as multiple rods. Bracketing: Number of Brackets included for 1.5 inches DIA Rods: 37" - 60" - (2) Loop handrail brackets 61" - 110" - (3) Loop handrail loop brackets 111" - 165"- (4) Loop handrail loop brackets 166" -192 - (5) loop Handrail brackets
Lucite: 1.5 inch Diameter Loop Handrail Bracket: Projection: 2.5 inches Base Diameter: 2.5 inches Width across rod: 1.8 inches
Care Instructions
Care Instructions: When it comes to lucite care, we say keep it simple. Just use soap and water to clean lucite, and brass polisher for any unlacquered brass fittings.
Lead Time
5 - 10 Days