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Round 2″ Lucite Curtain Rod

A great picture deserves a great frame, and these rods know how to highlight the view inside and out.

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Product Details

Scratch-resistant, sturdy lucite and brass custom curtain rod. 2″ dia. Multiple lengths & finishes available. Perfect Art Deco or Hollywood Regency style!

Sleek and functional, this lucite curtain rod is cut to your desired length and includes 2 to 5 incredibly beautiful brackets made from solid brass in your desired finishes.

Assembled and finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY.
Made from high-quality cast lucite and brass.
Mounting hardware included.

We cut to the inch but when ordering, please select the appropriate length range, and indicate the exact length in the “notes” section.
• The rods are made from scratch-resistant cast Lucite of (2″) diameter
• Each end of the rod is buffed and polished clear by hand.
• You can order the rings & finials separately through these listings below.
• The longest single rod we have is 84 inches. For any length over 84 inches the rod will come divided in two pieces of equal length that join in the center bracket. This type of bracket hides where the ends meet and gives the rod a seamless appearance. It comes fitted with two set screws to keep both rods together and in place.

48 – 72 inches – 2x Brackets
73 – 132 inches – 3x Brackets
133 – 258 inches – 4x Brackets (depending on order)
133 – 172 inches – 5x Brackets (depending on order)

SIZING GUIDE: 1.37 vs 1.5 vs 2.00
You may have noticed a few diameter options when perusing the site. All windows are different and the thickness you select is simply a matter of preference. That said, here are some general tips that may help you decide which diameter would work best for your window(s).

1.37″: Aesthetically, designers prefer the look of 1.37″””” DIA rods on single windows (casing measuring 30″” – 50″” wide). This is also the best size if using curtains with rod pockets or grommets.

1.5″: This size is the preferred choice for longer windows and rooms with higher ceilings. It is also used with curtains that have longer length pleats. May look bulky on shorter windows and does not fit grommets.

2.00″: The 2.00 DIA rod is perfect for large rooms and areas with high ceilings. It is a great compliment to curtains made from medium to heavy weight fabric and makes a wonderful translucence but bold statement.


Lucite: 2 inch Diameter

Bracket Projection: 3.26 inches
Overall Height: 4.38 inches
Backplate: 2.5 inches

Care Instructions
Care Instructions: When it comes to lucite care, we say keep it simple. Just use soap and water to clean lucite, and brass polisher for any unlacquered brass fittings.
Lead Time

7 – 14 Days