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Round Curtain Rod Rings

Keep the focus on those gorgeous curtains of yours.
  • Finish

  • DIA

Product Details

Beautiful solid brass rings for curtains rods. The rings glide smoothly without scratching the lucite rod and are a beautiful detail against the clear lucite.

Select C rings when the curtain needs to pass over a bracket.


Q: Will the rings scratch the Lucite?
A: No! The Lucite is very durable and does not scratch. The rings glide nicely when curtains need to be opened or closed.

Q: How many rings do I need?
A: The number of rings needed depends on your drapery. Most curtains require 3 or four rings per foot.

Q: Are the rings lacquered?
A: The polished rings are lacquered, but the brushed/satin rings are not and will require polishing every few months.

Priced individually

Assembled and finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY.
Made from high-quality brass.

Rings for 1.5 inch and 1.37 inch DIA rod: Inner diameter: 1.87 inches Outer diameter: 2.23 inches Rings for 2 inch DIA rod: Inner diameter: 2.69 inches Outer diameter: 3.06 inches
Lead Time

2 – 7 Days

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